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"From the comfort of your own home

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how to master your inner wealth creation game and win!"

From: L. Michael Hall, Ph. D.
Thursday, 9:28 PM

Dear Friend,

Let me ask you this.....

What is the structure of wealth creation? After modeling wealth creation, I was able to identify the heart and soul of wealth and numerous strategies for creating it. Then using Meta-States I set frames at the executive level of my mind and used the Mind-to-Muscle pattern. Within a decade I had over a million in equity in real estate. This session will present the structure of wealth creation, identify key secrets for wealth building, and enable participants to both meta-state their own Wealth Matrix and learn the Mind-to-Muscle pattern to integrate and implement the great ideas they know.

Are you sick and tired of all the wealth building products out there with do not work at all?
Are you sick of all the get rich quick hype just to get you to buy something from them?
This program will cover the meat and potatoes or true wealth creation and within days you'll notice the changes in your state of mind, as well finding yourself propelled towords your goals.



L. Michael Hall, Ph. D.
"Best selling author of 5 NLP books"

Learn how to have the mindset of a multi-millionaire in this complete wealth creation system with a self made millionaire who has some 35 books to his name, over 250 published articles and is recognized as a leading NLP Trainer and developer of many models, most notably the revolutionary Meta-States model and recently the Matrix model.

Michael's great success with his seminars (and not to mention over 30 books) is celebrating by giving you the opportunity to own this for yourself and experience what others are talking about.

          1. You'll learn how the Matrix Model can catapult you to prosperity and success.

          2. You'll be able to model the wealthiest people on earth and discover how
              you can apply their mindset to yourself...

          3. You'll discover how to align your attentions to your intentions...

          4. You'll have the opportunity to discover the inner games of those who

              have a knack for making money...

          5. You'll learn how opportunities mask themselves as problems and how
              you can solve this!

Introducing the Wealth Creation program, which was recorded from a live seminar where people paid over $1000USD to attend and it's now available for you at a fraction of the price.

Neuro-Semantics is Winning the Inner Game to Achieve Peak Performance in the Outer Game!

Your inner games are your semantics. Your inner game is your inner matrix of meaning frames. Your layers upon layers of meanings make up your inner world. Your outer games is your neurology. Here you actualize your inner meanings. First, you make meaning, then you perform that meaning via your actions.


Download this complete seminar and learn how to have the mindset of a multi-millionaire.


  • "A significant breakthrough in breaking down the wealth building process"
  • Have you done all the motivational programs and found that nothing works?
  • Maybe you have been studying "making money" for some time now with little results.

joe_vitale1.jpg"A breakthrough seminar!  This training helps you install what it takes to actually "Think and Grow Rich."  in a way that's automatic, easy, and effortlessly.  Consider how wealthy you can be with this information and do whatever it takes to attend.  Priceless!"

Joe Vitale, Marketing Specialist
Author of "Outrageous Marketing" tape series with Nightingale-Conant

Phil_Huges"The Intentional Values Elicitation took me to my highest value in an emotionally powerful way that was stronger than anything I have ever experienced.  This one process had a result that was well worth the price of admission and there was much, much more."

Phil Hughes
Senior Loan Officer

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So why are people like these getting outstanding results from this material?



Like these and many others you will learn and have all these tools at your fingertips..

  • To model the richest people on earth and discover how you apply their mindset to yourself.

  • Get unstuck in your journey to prosperity and do it the right way.

  • Explore how the Matrix Model can catapult you to prosperity and success.
  • Clear the slate of negative and limiting beliefs.
  • Learn about NLP and discover where its limits are and how to overcome them.
  • Learn the Mind-to-Muscle Pattern and Excuse Blow-Out Pattern to close the knowing-Doing-Gap

Learn to discover..
  • That to win at the Outer Game, we first have to win the Inner Game.
  • How millionaires think and how you to can think like them.
  • The inner game the wealthy play.
  • What abundance means to you, and what it really is.
  • Where you are right now using the Matric Business Plan.
  • The heart of wealth, which is about creating or adding value - to ourselves.

Learn how to..
  • Use simple tricks to accelerate your success.

  • Unlock your true potential.
  • Have the right state for prosperity and abundance, and how to acquire it easily anytime.
  • Align your attentions to your intentions.
  • Learn how to find and follow your passions.
  • Have money work for us instead of us working for money.

There is no lack of information about wealth or business and financial intelligence.  No one needs to model wealthy people to find out what they do or even how they do it.  Our libraries and bookshops are loaded with that information.   But have you studied this domain?  Have you informed yourself sufficiently?  Some of my favorites include the following:

  • Scrully Blotnick (1980).  Getting Rich Your Way.
  • Stanley and Danko. The Millionaire Next Door (1996), and The Millionaire Mind (2000).
  • Robert Kiysaki. Rich Day, Poor Day (1997); Cash Flow Quadrant (2000).
  • Suze Orman (1999).  The Courage to be Rich.
  • Trump, Donald. (2004).  Think like a billionaire.



Have you ever asked yourself,

  • How do self-made first-generation millionaires create that they do?
  • How do self-made first-generation millionaires think?
  • What models do we have of their strategies for creating prosperity, building business, adding value?
  • What are the inner games of those who have a knack for making money?
  • What has been missing in the NLP models and patterns in terms of modeling wealth creation?
  • Why do so many NLP trainers and people still operate in the world from the frame of scarcity rather than abundance?  

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Running Time Approx. 8 hours 58 minutes

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